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Planning and personalising today’s parties especially weddings are more complex than ever. While planning your wedding in particular, it's the little details that will make your wedding day uniquely yours. Therefore,  our aim is to bring a fresh perspective and innovative approach to our music merged with traditional Turkish culture and etiquette. With our attention to detail, a flair for music and a passion for delivering truly unique events, we can seamlessly produce an exceptional and unique experience for your party. 

Ahenkli offers the following Unique Music Services;


- Traditional Ahenkli Davul Zurna- As the name suggests this  is a traditional form of music played at the grand entrance and indicates that the bride and groom are entering their reception. Occasionally people choose to have the Davul Zurna played at home as the bride is leaving their family home and it is often preferred to be played during the wedding reception.The time/place of play is entirely your choice and we will assist you with your decision making to ensure that your needs are being met accordingly.


- Contemporary Davul Violin - This newly service only offered by Ahenkli has proven to be a popular choice amongst todays generation. This new sound brings together the sounds of the traditional drum with the sounds of the strings. It is elegant, classy and a joy to the ears. This service is also played either during the entrance of the bride and groom or during their reception. Also, if preferred, the violin can be played alone on entrance to the ceremony.

- Davul Saz - This newly unique service introduced and offered by Ahenkli brings together the power of the drum with the elegance and traditional sounds of the Saz. It is harmonious and graceful. This service can be played during the entrance of the bride and groom or during their reception.


- Zaffa Wedding Entrance - This new and exciting service offered by Ahenkli has proven to be very popular amongst the Arab cultures. The Zaffa (a wedding march) is a musical procession of drums, percussion instruments and zurna. In the Arab culture this announces that the marriage is about to begin. It is a very lively and spectacular beginning to a party. 

- Balkan Entrance - This amazing and vibrant service offered by Ahenkli brings upbeat, joy and unique rhythm to any occasion. This powerful brew of contemporary brilliance will be unforgettable.

- Brand New Day - Our new exciting and dynamic Turkish and English Band offers complete live music. We provide various alternatives for your special day which can vary from a duo piece to a full band whether it is music during a dinner service or during your reception. Our professional and personalised services will be tailor made to make your day as memorable as possible. Please get in contact to hear about our alternative options.

- DJ and Percussion Services - Ahenkli are proud to announce their collaboration with DJ services. This unique service offers clients an extraordinary percussion element along with their choice of music played by the DJ. Our DJ service is designed to fit your expectations, vision and style. Our service is unique and guaranteed to be unforgettable.

- An authentic Ahenkli Turkish Ensemble - Our desire to make every moment of your special day memorable has inspired us to offer this unique service which brings together the sounds of the most elegant instruments. To name a few, these include, the Oud, the Saz, the Violin and various Turkish Percussion's. Our unique acoustic sounds of the Anatolian will give you the benefit of live music throughout your ceremony, creating a relaxed atmosphere to enhance your special occasion without being intrusive to conversation.Please refer to our Acoustic Band page for demos of our work.

- Jazz Band - Ahenkli has newly introduced a dynamic Jazz band featuring one of UK's leading and award winning saxophonist Mark Lockhart. In addition Steve Rose on Bass, Soner Ersen on piano and Bulent Ali on drums. Our music provides top quality jazz music to the highest standard and first class sophistication to your event. This service can also be tailor made to your requirements.

- Theatre Productions & Concerts - Ahenkli are also available for hire for theatre productions, concerts and other events. Ahenkli (Bulent Ali- Drummer/ Percussionist) was selected to be the Percussionist for the theatre production of "Footloose' the musical. The production consisting of 7 professional musicians performed over 6 nights and made a great impression amongst its viewers and reviewers. Review can be found via http://www.sardinesmagazine.co.uk/reviews/review.php?reviewsID=955. Bulent has also recently been performing as the main drummer for Rock Band Elektra.

 "It is important that for each client we work with, we get a real sense of your ideas, style, personality and inspirations. We support and inspire you to transform your vision into reality and ensure that your essence  is reflected within your party." 

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