Team Ahenkli

We are very experienced and recognised within the Turkish/ Greek/ Turkish Cypriot/ and very recently Afghan (Persian), Arab, Assyrian, Egyptian, Indian, Iraqi, Lebanese, Moroccan, Palestine, Pakistani, Syrian, UAE and Yemen communities in the UK. We have performed at various events including mendhis, weddings, engagements, private functions,  special events and TV shows. We also specialise in Zaffa entrances for the above cultures.

Our specialist expertise, reputation  and experience in the industry has given us the cutting edge enabling us to build strong relationships with all our clients. We promise that we are a band of true professionals and pride ourselves on being friendly, reliable and polite with our guests.

We take pride in what we do to ensure that our service is tailor made to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.
Meet Ahenkli's Musicians

Bulent AliDavul, Percussion and Drums

Bulent began playing drums at the age of 10 and started taking private lessons for 9 years. He joined his high school Jazz big band aged 12 and kept this position until he left school, in this period he played in several concerts and festivals around the UK.

Bulent joined his first Turkish band at the age of 13 where he played drums on a full time basis. Playing in Turkish bands for 7 years gave Bulent the foundations and experience to move onto different musical genres including Jazz, Funk, Blues, Pop and Rock Music/Bands. In 1989 Bulent joined a Turkish Pop/Rock band called Elektra and subsequently went onto release an album in 1994 with this band.

In 1992-96 Bulent decided to further develop his drumming skills by attending and obtaining qualifications from the Royal Academy of Music and Guildhall of Music. He also went onto coach and mentor students at the same mentioned academies. He also teaches drums privately from beginners to advance on a one- to- one basis.

Bulent formed & founded Ahenkli in 2008 after playing davul-zurna with various duos since 1992.

In November 2010, Bulent decided to introduce a touch of elegance to Ahenkli’s repertoire and a brand new sound to the Turkish community by combining the Davul with the Violin. The combination of these two instruments had never been combined before in the UK and has now subsequently become an ever popular choice.

Bulent also performs at theatre productions and concerts and is well recognised amongst the drumming/ percussion community.

Hasan Ali - Zurna, Mae Flute and Kaval 

Hasan aka Ali's musical career started at the age of 11 playing the Saz and  Kaval in various ensembles from most regions from Turkey. Whilst living in Istanbul, Ali also graduated with a degree in physics. He moved to London in 1993 and started playing in various Turkish bands on a regular basis. 

Ali started to learn how to play the Zurna in 1999 and has gone on to become one of the finest Zurna players in the UK. He is also a mentor, choreographer and musical director for various folk dancing organisations across UK and regular plays regularly at festivals home and abroad.

Ali's extensive knowledge of Turkish, Kurdish and Cypriot tunes has made him extremely versatile and a key member of Ahenkli.

Musa Yilmaz -Violin

One of the most talented and respected and dynamic Violin players within the Turkish community. Musa has over 25 years experience performing at different functions and is known for his extraordinary musical aptitude. Musa is also available to perform as a solo violinist at wedding ceremonies as well as Davul-Keman and as a part of a band.

Tansay Omar - Davul, Percussion and Drums

 Ahenkli is proud to welcome on board producer and session drummer Tansay Omar formerly of Bjork, Boy George and many other great acts from around the world. He brings a wealth of experience and great knowledge spanning over 35 years. 




Ahmet Ali - Violin

Ahmet has a wealth of experience in the music industry spanning over 40 years. His speciality in performing the Violin has led him to perform all over the UK. Ahmet is also the brother of Ahenkl’s director, Bülent Ali.

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