Terms and Conditions

Changes to bookings

Please be advised that booking of a particular service can only be changed up to four weeks following the initial booking. For example, if you have initially booked davul-zurna and then decide to change to davul-keman, you can only do so within 4 weeks of the initial booking. However, if you still wish to change services after the four week period, then your initial deposit will subsequently be lost. This is to ensure that the preferred musician has been booked and secured for your special day. Same terms and conditions apply to those who have initially booked a combination of both services (davul zurna and keman) and then decide to change to one service only.

Davul Keman/Violin Bookings

All Davul Keman/Violin bookings require Ahenkli the use of the Bands or DJ's PA system (speaker system) in order to amplify the violin. Please ensure that  you seek permission from your music providers prior to your booking of this particular service. In the event that a deposit is paid and subsequently the music provider declines the use of their equipment, this will result in a deposit being lost.  

Please could you also ensure that your chosen venue does not have a sound restrictor which will prevent us from providing your chosen service. Venues have the discretion to alter their sound restrictors upon request from their clients, but ultimately they are bounded by their own terms and conditions. In light of this, Ahenkli in consultation with the client, reserves the right to either change the initial requested service to Davul Zurna if available or the client loosing their deposit.


Please note that Ahenkli works solely and communicates directly with all it's clients. This has always been our policy as we have always ensured that we meet the clients needs and where necessary tailor make our performances to suit the clients expectations/functions.

Ahenkli would like to advise our clients and future clients that bookings are not guaranteed without a full consultation with Ahenkli directly. Each booking made directly through Ahenkli ensures a confirmation in writing. 

Please note that booking Ahenkli through third parties still requires a full consultation directly with Ahenkli in order to confirm your booking


All received deposits or full payments are non refundable/ transferable. This also applies to cases where cancellations are made by the client.

Ahenkli reserves the right to cancel any event if unforeseen circumstances arise. If this arises we will inform the client as soon as possible using the contact details provided to us and offer a full refund of the payment/deposit made. Please note that if such a case was to occur, it  would be Ahenkli's mission to initially offer an alternative solution to the client before proceeding with a cancellation. A cancellation by Ahenkli would always be the last option and it would be based on unforeseen circumstances.


Ahenkli promotes its services through the use of real life videos and photographs taken from each event. These are generally broadcasted on this website and on social media sites associated to Ahenkli. This a marketing tool which has suited all clients as it provides real life examples of work. However, Ahenkli respects the privacy of clients and therefore appreciates that not all clients may want their event advertised. In such circumstances, we would ask that you inform Ahenkli if you do not want your event to be placed on any internet sites associated with Ahenkli. 

Thanking you all for your cooperation.