Ahenkli Davul Zurna Davul Keman Violin always appreciate the inspiring and positive feedback received from our clients. We thank each and every one of you for all your testimonials.

“You made our entrance truly wonderful, it was an amazing wedding and we couldn’t ask for it to be better, thank you very much for everything” … Aysen & Rodi (24 February 2018)

“A big thank you to Ahenkli Davul Zurna Keman for making our wedding entrance very special. We loved the performance and so did all our guests.  A very special thanks to Bulent for his brilliant drumming and for not missing a single beat!” … Kerime & Cüneyt (16 February 2018)

“Thank you for all your help making our day that extra special!! Loved all of your input” … Dilek & Mehmet (5 November 2017)

“Hi Bulent I wanted to get in touch to say a huge thank you. We had the most incredible day and the Davul Violin was the icing on the cake. Everyone loved it” … Jeyda & David (4 November 2017)

“You all went above and beyond our expectations and you made our grand entrance truly amazing. We honest can’t thank you guys enough...highly highly recommended!!” … Jayde (3 November 2017)

“Thank you guys for making our special day even more special with our grand entrance. Was truly amazing. A day and night we will never forget” … Mehmet (3 November 2017)

“Thank you Ahenkli Davul Zurna-Keman for making our day extra special and joyous! Everyone loved it” … Sohret & Peter (21 October 2017)

“Thank you so much guys. Me and my wife had the most amazing day and that was made even more special with you both there. It was just perfect thank you. Thank you so much guys. Me and my wife had the most amazing day and that was made even more special with you both there. It was just perfect- thank you thank you from the bottom of our hearts” … Elena & Shreen (14 October 2017)

“Thank you so much for such a great entrance.... Atlas is very very lucky to have had you guys bring him in on his Sunnet / Kina party” … Atlas (7 October 2017)

“Thank you so much guys, Everybody absolutely loved the entrance. You guys were great” … Shadz & Volkan (6 October 2017)

“Just a quick message Bulent to thank you and your team for a smooth and successful production bro well done” … Nazli & Halil (30 September 2017)

“Thank you my brothers for the wonderful performance, we enjoyed every moment, it was beautiful” … Zadaf & Mohammad (21 September 2017)

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful performance you and your band did last night.. It was incredibly amazing, beyond what I imagined, thank you so much.. Everyone was surprised and loved every minute of it, I hope you guys enjoyed as much as we did... we will definitely see you guys at other family Persian weddings” … Zabia (12 September 2017)

“Thank you so much Bulent, you guys were totally brilliant and exceeded my high expectations of you guys....superb!” … Alter & Krystle (10 September 2017)

“Mother of the bride here, you all made it so perfect for my beautiful daughter and I can't thank u enough. We need to plan another party with u lovely people, everybody can't stop talking about the drums and violin! This was a new experience for our Essex friends they've never partied as hard at a wedding like this, thank u so much all of u” … Yasemin & Tem (10 September 2017)

“Thank you so much for yesterday, best part of the day” …  Yasemin & Tem (10 September 2017)

“Thank you so much! You guys were amazing” … Tig & Alexander (9 September 2017)

“Thank you Bulent, you guys are simply brilliant” … Damla & Deniz (3 September 2017)

“You guys were great!! Thank you so much for making the wedding of   Paul Gabriel and Julia Snow even more special than it was” … (Sister) Julia & Paul  (2 September 2017)

“We absolutely loved the music! It was a brilliant addition to the celebrations! Thank you so much” … Julia and Paul (2 September 2017)

“What a wonderful surprise for our guests. Thank you for leading the evening celebrations in your incomparable style. We loved your music and enjoyed taking part in the procession down to the Crosslands Suite. By time we arrived our guests were ready to dance the night away’ … (Guest) Julia & Paul (2 September 2017)

“Hi Bulent. I hope you are well. Thanks again for playing at my brothers wedding at Royal Holloway on Saturday. Everyone had a great time and so many people said you guys were the highlight of the day! Thank you” … (Mimi) Julia & Paul (2 September 2017)

"Ahenkli Davul Zurna-Keman, you guys were amazzzzing! We rocked that entrance and loved the Testi!!! Thank you so much for coming all the way to Wales. We cannot wait to see the video of it all!” … Tanya & Benny (27 August 2017)

“Thanks guys!!! Amazing entrance and start to our evening!!! You guys are spectacular” … Serin & James (26 August 2017)

“Hello Bulent, Just to thank you for a job well done at Hoxton Hall” … Lou Wyllie (wedding coordinator)  Anabel & Callum (25 August 2017)

“You guys were amazing! Thanks for bringing the music alive” … Anabel & Callum (25 August 2017)

“Can I just say thank you for such a incredible entrance. We were so happy with it. We had a lot of stress with things going late. And everyone was talking. But as soon as you guys came in with the drums everyone went quiet. It was amazing. My other half who was unsure about having something different was taken a back and loved it. Thank you again” … Saqib & Rukhsar (24 August 2017)

“Thank you both so much!!  Definitely made our day and got everyone ready to party Turkish style! Thank you once again Bülent” … Shanel & Dhahd (17 August 2017)

"Your performance was exceptional and all our guests absolutely loved it. Fantastic service from start to finish....totally brilliant!" ... Janka & Cem (22 July 2017)

"Wow! What an entrance, thank you so much Bulent. You started the night with a bang.. literally! One of my favourite and most important parts of the whole evening" ... Sheniz & Adem (15 July 2017)

"Thank you so much to you and your team for such an amazing opening to my most special day. You guys were absolutely fantastic" ... Fatma & Zeeshan (1 July 2017)

"Ahenkli Davul Zurna provided one of the best moments of our day. Thank you so much" ... Ayse & Damian (29 June 2017)

"Thank you so much,  the performance was fantastic and just what we wanted. So pleased you could fit us in and hope to see you at many weddings as we recommended you to lots of guests" ... Cilek & Piers (24 June 2017)

“Hi Bülent, thanks for Friday night, the entrance was amazing and it all went down an absolute treat with our guests. Many thanks”... Lisa & Erol (23 June 2017)

“Thanks so much for an amazing weekend, the davul zurna literally made the day. We had so many people saying it was one of their favourite weddings, and that was their favourite part of the day. Again, thanks so much, we had the best day ever!”…  Asli & Paul (17 June 2017)

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your superb performance last weekend. We thought you were absolutely amazing and the atmosphere you created really made the party special. Thank you so so much to you and your team. We wish you all the very best in the future”…  Marlène Brand-Meyer (16 June 2017)

“Thank you so much, we all loved your performance, it touched many of us and made us emotional. It was a pleasure to have you perform at my son’s sunnet”…. Burac (Sunnet boy) Gamze (mum) (11 June 2017)

“We are lucky to have celebrated the best day of our life's with the amazing people that have contributed to our big day. Thank you Ahenkli (Bülent)” ... Derya & Harry (9 June 2017)

“Thank you to Ahenkli Davul Zurna-Keman. Huseyin-Emre and Kaya absolutely loved the Davul/Zurna and had a great day”… Huseyin-Emre &Kayla (30 May 2017)

“Thank you Bulent for our wonderful grand entrance and for being very helpful /with your prep talks”... Gulen & Selim (29 May 2017)

“Thank you both for making my party so wonderful (50th)... Çok çok çok güzel”… Jackie (21 May 2017)

Groom; "Special mention to the people I believe are the BEST at what they do : Ahenkli Davul Keman - I would recommend these guys to absolutely anybody. Amazing, you guys are the best of the best" 
Bride: "Thank you guys!! Literally smashed it! Can't wait to see videos! I'm not sure what we would have actually done without these guys and I'm not sure exactly how weddings work without them. Thank you Ahenkli for giving us the best entrance ever!" ... Esin & Arif  (13 May 2017)

"Thank you for the amazing vibe you gave to our entrance! Gave me goosebumps" ... Nilgun & Kaan (7 May 2017)

"Selam abi, I just wanted to thank you for last night you guys did an amazing job, much appreciated thank you again" ... Fareena and Cahit (23 April 2017)

"Me and Suley thank you so much for your performance on our day. You honestly added to how special the whole experience was for us. You were absolutely brilliant. Once again, you guys are so good" ... Sabriye & Suleyman (15 April 2017)

“We can't thank you enough for giving us so much happiness on Koray's big day. You truly made my sons sunnet celebration special. Thank you again” … Koray (8th April 2017)

“You made our entrance so special and played beautifully. Thank you” … Murvet & Ahmet (2 April 2017)

“You guys rock! Best in the game!” … Yousef & Souad (27 February 2017) 

“We had such an unforgettable time, thank you Ahenkli for the amazing entrance, we enjoyed every moment” … Shansel & Mustafa (11 February 2017)

“Thank you for being part of our wedding, it was perfect. You made our entrance so perfect” … Gunay & Faruk (4 February 2017)

"When I mean the best, I really mean that these guys are the best in the business. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you brother, your work was amazing and we're glad we had you"… Serkan & Sureya (22 January 2017)

Thank you so much for last night. It was amazing and everyone loved your performance. You made it a night to remember, thank you!” …  Emine & Erdinc (7 January 2017)

“You were both just as great as usual” … Aliyah & Majed (24 December 2016)

“Thank you for an amazing performance. We had so many compliments on your work. Couldn't recommend you highly enough. You really created a great atmosphere to start our wedding” ... Zara & Andrew (26 November 2016)

“Beautiful memories, thank you for making our wedding so perfect” … Ayse & Mark (10 November 2016)

“The davul zurna was really great, to be honest, your performances were the highlights of the wedding” … Suna & Emre (20 November 2016)

 “Thank you so much for making our entrance so special... you guys smashed it - you exceeded my expectations... I loved every minute of it - you guys are awesome” … Cemaliye & Paul (9 October 2016)

"You Guys done an amazing job thanks sooo much. Everyone was talking about our entrance, Amazing!!"… Pinar & Sharm (17 September 2016)

"Thank you very much Bulent amazing performance really made our night"… Ramin & Shaira (11 September 2016)

"Thank you for yesterday, you were excellent. I would definitely recommend you to others"…Zeynep & Tulat (5 September 2016)

"Thank you very much to you guys for the amazing performance "… Cigdem & Polat (4 September 2016)

"Thank you so much for being part of our wedding day and making it extra special"… Senel & Hasan (3 September 2016)

"This was absolutely spectacular. You were so polite, friendly and fun. You created an amazing atmosphere, the room was buzzing. Everyone commented that they have never seen anything like that before, we loved it thank you. Cannot recommend you enough!"… Nikki & Samir (20th August 2016)

"I would like to thank both of you for coming in such a short notice and making our event very special. Everyone loved it. Me and my family enjoyed it"… Mrs Ahmed (19 August 2016)

"Thank you for the lovely performance at our wedding, very much appreciated"… Amna & Qasim (12 August 2016)

“What a great pleasure to work with you at this wonderful wedding. You are ‘The Best in the Business’”... Howard Robbins 
(3 August 2016)

"Truly was an amazing entrance, thank you Ahenkli Davul Zurna-Keman for a memory we will never forget. Loved it so much"… Filiz & Taylan (24 July 2016)

“You guys are fab, thank you for the traditional music...just loved it all”… Ayse Fadel (23 July 2016)

“We really can’t thank you enough for performing at our wedding we loved every single part of our entrance with you, and only wish we could do it all over again!!  thank you for everything!”... Ayla & Kaan (2 July 2016)

"Thank you for making Mete's day so special, you guys were amazing"... Nesrin & Burcin (5 June 2016)

"Amazing performance!! Thank you for your great work on our big day, Bülent. Hope to see you again soon"… Serife & Jayden (29 May 2016)

"Thank you for a grand entrance, you guys are superb, thanks for making our day special! Once again, thank you so much Bulent, it really was our pleasure having Ahenkli part of our special day!"... Ruki & Chris (28 May 2016)

"You guys were so good! Thank u for everything!"… Ceylan & Ozan (28 May 2016)

"Thank you Bulent for also giving us such a great entrance again we made the best choices for our special day and we have you all to thank for making it the best and exciting day of our life"… Esen & Enver (1 May 2016)

"Thank you so much to Bulent and Ali and the Ahenkli team! The Davul and Zurna performance was 1st class and very professional they really contributed to making our day a very special one. Thank you for your professionalism and adding the traditional touch to our son's Ertan Sunnet dugun - Tesekurler!"… Ertan (30 April 2016)

"Thank you very much Bulent for the wonderful traditional entrance"… Tulin & Ariana (30 April 2016)

"Thank you so much you were amazing"… Yasmin & Mudassar (23 April 2016)

"Awww thank you so much! U was amazing!!!"… Siddiga & Ceykan (17 April 2016)

"What a night /  what an entrance Bulent Ali / Ahenkli Davul Zurna-Keman smashed it! There are no words to explain, this was just simply amazing! And I tell u now I will never forget this night for as long as I'm alive. That entrance will live me forever it was completely amazing thank you!"… Goulla & Ceyhan (16 April 2016)

"Thank you for making my daughters wedding so special with such a fantastic entrance"... Yilsen's mother (16 April 2016)

"Thank you Ahenkli Davul Zurna-Keman for such a beautiful wedding entrance"... Yilsen & Vik (16 April 2016)

"Bulent bey hersey icinn cok sagolunnn arkadaslarinada soyle cok tesekur ederim"… Ayse & Okan (10 April 2016)

"Thank you so much for all your help and support from day 1. You helped make our day truly amazing and your performances were out of this world. Thanks again for everything! True gentleman and professional. Would recommend you to another!!!"… Fiona & Aydin (8 April 2016)

"Thank you so much for coming last night! It was amazing! Will definitley recommend!!!"… Wide & Ramash (4 April 2016)

"Thank you so much for your efforts last night , everyone loved your performance. You really love what you do and this really comes across in your performances"… Beyaz & Musa (18 March 2016)

"Just wanted to say a very big thank you to Bulent @ Ahenkli Davul Zurna-Keman, Amazing performance! You out drummed the Dhol! Mashallah elinize saglik, you was truly Awesome! Well done guys everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening! Loved it! Thank you again!"… Emine & Naazim (14 February 2016)

"We just wanted to say a massive thank you for playing at our wedding reception. We received so many compliments from all our friends and family. You were so fantastic and something we will remember forever! We will be highly recommending you to everyone!"… Emine & Sam (7 February 2016)

"Ethicality and professionalism at it's finest, thank you!"… Nora & Marwan (23 January 2016)

"Thanks for providing the perfect ambience on our special day"… Victoria & Serdar (16 January 2016)

"Thank you so much Bulent for everything and all you help yesterday. You were amazing and definately got the atmosphere going. The most perfect day"… Zerin & Andrew (28 November 2015)

"Ahenkli Davul Zurna-Keman thank you so much for our wonderful grand entrance we loved every minute of it"… Charlee & Steven (7 November 2015)

"Thank you to our special musicians that made a great evening very entertaining and chilled, it was a perfect setting in the 
garden with fantastic music"… Leyla (17 October 2015)

"Thank you so much you have been absolutely fantastic I loved every second, beautiful memories to last forever, I am so 

happy u and Ali have made our wedding extra special thank you so much tesekur ederim!"… Jasmine & Marc 

(8 October 2015) 

"Thank you for making our day so special the atmosphere you created was just amazing Thank you so much"… Nathalie 

(4 October 2015) 

"Ahenkli Davul Zurna-Keman Bulent you guys really did give us the grandest entrance any bride and groom could have 

wished for"... Cem Ahmet (4 October 2015)

"We thank you for making it so special"… Damla & Eran (3 October 2015)

"Hi Bulent just wanted to say how amazing your Davul and Keman performance was on Sunday evening at Erkan and 

Laceys wedding! Thank you so much everyone loved it!"… Lacey & Erkan (20 September 2015)

"Thank you! You was brilliant"… Hayley & Hassan (5 September 2015)

"Thank you Ahenkli. You guys were amazing!! Our guests loved the music and your energy. Thank you for being so 

professional and a pleasure to work with."… Tevec & Hassan (31 August 2015)

"Thank you guys, you did a great job. Both of just keep getting better and better, we had so much fun!"… Bilkan & Baris 
(31 August 2015)

"Hi Bulent, just want to say a massive thank you to you and your guys for making my sisters wedding so special. 

Everybody loved it and the surprise worked out perfectly, especially on such short notice!" Natalie & Pete (30 August 2015)

"Thank you for the grand entrance, you guys done an amazing job! didn't want it to stop! Loved every bit. Thank you"… Ebru & Serkan (29 August 2015)

"Your performance was simply amazing!"... Rashma & Saeed (23 August 2015)

"Thank you so much for wonderful entrance....We loved it thoroughly… Amazing!"…  Kamal & Mehreen (15 August 2015)

"The Davul-Zurna performance was excellent, thank you so much, we were not disappointed one bit!"…  Saba & Zaeid (2 August 2015)

"We would like to thank Ahenkli Davul Zurna-Keman for a great performance. You guys were awesome!"… Aimee & Mehmet (25 July 2015)

"Ahenkli Davul Zurna-Keman :- hands down one of he best traditional Eastern music/ entertainers I have met over the years, and one of the nicest!! Everyone were commenting on what a beautiful atmosphere you provided, we were lucky to have you!"…  Noah & Salam (23 July 2015)

"Thank you to Bulent and his team for the outstanding entertainment for the evening, definitely a memorable night for all the guests!" … Noah & Salam (23 July 2015)

"Our grand entrance into a packed ballroom with the violin and drum by Athenkli Davul Zurna will long live in our memory and seeing our nearest and dearest!"…Valery & Arif (5 July 2015)

"Thanks guys you were truly amazing!"… Lace (7 June 2015)

"Cok guzel tesekurler harikaydiniz elerinize saglik… Lace (7 June 2015)

"Thank you so much for coming, you guys were great and made our ceremony even more special"…Baris (7 June 2015)

"Thank you so much. You was amazing"… Cansev & Irfan (25 May 2015)

"You put on a great performance. Thank you very much"… Kelly & Erhan (24 May 2015)

"Thanks guys you were brilliant. A lot of our guests who had never seen an entrance like that before kept commenting how amazing it was"…Georgina & Erol (23 May 2015)

"Thank you so much for yesterday, it was lovely! You both were so friendly and all of our friends enjoyed the davul and zurna"… Seden & Atalay (17 May 2015)

"Thank you so much for our grand entrance and start to our wedding, it was amazing, it meant a lot to us"…Sinem & David (16 May 2015)

"Thank you so much for playing at our wedding, you absolutely made the evening part start off perfectly for us. We loved it all. Zebra is part of a massive family and we will definitely be passing your details over to all of them when the time is right. Thanks again for being so professional and making our day special mate. Good luck with everything"… Zehra & Tankut (9 May 2015)

"Ahenkli Davul Zurna-Keman a huge thank you to you guys me and my husband really appreciate what you done for us."… Silvia  & Serhat (18 April 2015) 

"Hi Bulent, thank you again for yesterday it really made the night."…  Zakariyya & Siham (8 April 2015)

"We would like to thank Ahenkli for their music and for getting everyone up and dancing. You were a pleasure to work with and did everything we asked"… Aral and Aytunc (29 March 2015) 

"You guys were brilliant and everyone was commenting on how they were loving the music. Thanks for helping to make our function so special"… Sidra & Fouaad (21 March 2015)

"Thank you so much both of you. You where brill"…Meliz & Ozun (14 March 2015) 

"You make every event magical, thank you so much"...Sarwa & Alwa (15 February 2015)

"You were amazing and we will always recommend you to everyone! Such wonderful and talented people, we love and thank you guys"…Katerina & Bircan (31 January 2015)  

"Thanks for your excellent service Bülent, it truly was great"…Sarah & Halil (20 December 2014)

"Thank you to Ahenkli Davul Zurna-Keman for an amazing performance last night for my princesses kina. You both played excellent. Everyone loved it"... Nuket Besim Husseyin (29 November 2014)

"Thanks bro. I'm glad you were there both as my friend and guest and also doing your thing as the number one davul and zurnaci in the business. It wouldn't have been the same without you"... Shirin & Serkan (23 November 2014)

"Thank you Ahenkli Davul Zurna-Keman for making my day so special. You are the best Davul and Zurna!!"... Shirin & Serkan 
(23 November 2014)

"Thank you so much!! You done such a great job"… Sevda & Durmus (26 October 2014)

"Thank you to Ahenkli for our fantastic entrance"…Betul & Mehmet (18 October 2014)

"Fantastic performance guys - thank you very much"…Hatice & Ahmet (10 October 2014)

"Thank you both for last night, was amazing. Lots of love from us both!"… Serife & Metin (27 September 2014)

"Thank you to Ahenkli Davul-Zurna Keman for an amazing entrance"... Nihan & Guven (21 September 2014)

"Thanks so much Bulent and Petro. You guys were fantastic. Absolutely loved it as did everyone else. You guys were brilliant and worth every penny. Thank you so much again"... Chantelle & Hakan (6 September 2014)

"Smashing performance"... Jeylan & Gareth (5 September 2014)

"Thank very much for the best entrance ever. Me and Ahmet loved it"... Cemgul & Ahmet (30 August 2014)

"Thanks again for yesterday you guys were fantastic, people said it was the highlight of the party!"... Mary Assard (30 August 2014)

"Ahenkli Davul Zurna-Keman you two were absolutely outstanding, was a privilege to have you play!!"… Havva & James (14 August 2014)

"You made my son and his wife Mel's day extra special "... Joanne McDaid  (27 July 2014)

"Thank you Ahenkli for a great performance"… Mel & Tyrone (27 July 2014)

"Would like to thank the amazing Ahenkli Davul Zurna-Keman for our grand entrance!! It was so special and you guys made it even better!! Loved it so much!! We couldn't help but dance"… Fatma & Huseyin (28 June 2014) 

"Absolutely fab Ahenkli Davul Zurna-Keman! Thank you so much Bulent and the team"… Bahar (22 June 2014)

"Ahenkli you were amazing and made the party"… Cigdem (22 June 2014)

"The only way to enter your wedding, Ahenkli Davul Zurna-Keman kicked off the night"… Maria & Kemal (22 June 2014) 

"You guys were awesome, the party was rocking because of you guys"… Kristie & Serkan (21 June 2014) 

"Thank you, davul-zurna was perfect"…  Ayla & Abdullah (25 May 2014)

"We would like to take this opportunity t thank you for making our day that extra touch special. Everything was absolutely amazing, from the davul zurna to the variety of music played all night…" Pembe & Tayfun (24 May 2014)

"The party begins only when the first few notes of the Zurna plays, followed by  the Davul's echoing  and dominant beat. It's the moment heart beats faster with anticipation of the grand entrance that they create  he perfect instrumental duo. Hairs stand on end with excitement  and the special day,  just became even more special with their presence. Thank you Ahenkli Davul-Zurna-Keman for  making the evening …"  Zeynep (18 May 2014)

"You guys are amazing, thank you…" Nesrin & Caner (17 May 2014) 

"How could I forget you guys! Ahenkli Davul Zurna Keman smashed it!!…" Fikriye & Eren (20 April 2014)

"I just wanted to say a special thanks for making our wedding special. Really appreciate all the extra effort you went to on our day…" Arzu & Saffett (13 April 2014)

"A massive thank you to Ahenkli Davul Zurna-Keman. So talented!…" Gulsah & Mehmet (30 March 2014)

"Thank you to Ahenkli Davul Zurna Keman for a fantastic performance on my son and daughter in laws wedding day..." Razzy Huseyin (30 March 2014)

"Hi Bulent abi, I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday, you played really great everybody loved you! And my bridesmaids said you were so friendly :) so thanks so much we really appreciate it…" Ceylan & Mustafa (19 January 2014) 

"Thank you to Ahenkli who played fantastically I didn't want them to stop, you guys were truly amazing…" Naciye & Ozkan (30 November 2013) 

"Just want to thank you for a great job on saturday! Everyone thought you guys were amazing…! Zeliha & Bora (30 November 2013)

"Thank you so much for an amazing entrance, you got the evening started on a great note, everyone really enjoyed it. Thank you…" Ayse & Adam (23 November 2013) 

"Thanking you all for your amazing work. We truly had the perfect wedding. For everyone who has a wedding coming up book Ahenkli Davul-Zurna-Keman. Thanks for a brilliant night, was brilliant as always..." Selda & Huseyin (3 November 2013)

"Thank you so much for our gift. You shouldn't have. Really appreciate it. You played really well infact the best I have heard. Really thankful..." Ebru & Cem (26 October 2013)

"Thank you Ahenkli Davul-Zurna-Keman. You were truly amazing..." Emine & Gokhun (13 October 2013)

"Thank you so much Bulent, you guys were amazing..." Selen & Salih (5 October 2013)

"Thank you to our lovely davul and keman musicians. We loved this moment..." Faize & Andrew (29 September 2013)

"Thank you so much for playing at the wedding, all the Italian side of the family absolutely loved you guys..." Rosellina & Bertan (25 August 2013)

"Thank you so much Bulent and the rest of the team at Ahenkli Davul Zurna-Keman for maling the best day of our lives even more special. You guys were amazing and we will never forget the big part you played on our special day..." Yas & Halil (15 September 2013)

"A wonderful experience, thank you for making it so magical for us..." Roszeea & Mehmet (26 August 2013)

"Ahenkli Davul Zurna- Keman, just wow! The energy and atmosphere you created blew us all away. You are all fabulous and we are most definitely going to use you again..." Havva & Colin (3 August 2013)

"These guys did an amazing job! From light music during our meals and ceremony to the most amazeballs grand entrance. Brilliant energy. They know exactly what to do and when to do it. The whole day was perfect. Thanks to you guys wec ould not have done it without you"... Havva & Colin (3 August 2013)

"Perfect! we loved both of your performances and all the guests have had nothing but good comments for you both..." Sezen & Erkan (29 June 2013)

"I loved the drummer - he was amazing..." Nana-yaa Aboagyewaa (29 June 2013)

"Hi Bulent, just like to say thank you for the amazing job you did for mine and Michelle's wedding. it was excellent and I would highly recommend you to anyone else..." Michelle & Burhan (22 June 2013)

"Excellent entrance Bulent, thank you very much for an amazing entrance and great start to a wonderful night, you will be recommended..." Mel and Sonny (15 June 2013)

"Thank you for providing a great entrance for us..." Natalie & Edis (15 June 2013)

"Thank you Bulent for a great performance, we had the most amazing time..."Zulfiye & Serkan (9 June 2013)

"Hello Bulent abi thank you for yesterday everything went to plan me and Bahar had an amazing day, we appreciate everything you done for us. Thanks again see you soon..." Bahar & Haltan (5th May 2013)

"I was so pleased to have this group come and perform at our event. They were absolutely brilliant. Created a great atmosphere that set off the rest of the celebrations. Not only were they professional and on time! but a total pleasure to have met them. Great people with amazing talent. Would recommend them for sure!! Thank  you  Bulent and Ahmet..." Dee, Najib and baby Eisah  (31 March 2013)

"I would like to thank you guys ever so much, you were amazing, your performance was absolutely fantastic, you made my mum & dads 60th anniversary even more special, you made my 82 year old dad dance right down to the floor, he loved every minute of it, & so did everyone else, you made every single person rise. Thanks again..." Layka (30th March 2013)

"Thank you Bulent, your performance last night was amazing you really got the adrenaline pumping for the walk in. We will strongly recommend you to anyone. Thanks a lot..." Erhan & Gulsen (24 February 2013)

"Thank you Bulent, you guys did a great job and made Emre's night complete!..."Tolga (24 November 2012)

"Thank you for a wonderful performance. We loved it and it couldn't of been any better..."Aleyna & Ahmet
(18 November 2012)

"I want to say a massive thank you for making our wedding day perfect! You guys performed amazingly your support during the whole process was fantastic and I will recommend you to others as u were professional from start to finish. Thank you guys..." Emine &  Gursel (28 October 2012)

"Just a quick thank you for helping us make a grand entrance to our wedding. The mix of Arabic music with you guys really left a lasting impression on everyone, and have had nothing but compliments since. Loved every minute of it..."Samira & Altunc (30 September 2012)

"Thank you so much for making it really special Bulent. You guys did a fab job..."Tulay-Mustafa Yakup (2 September 2012)

"Thank you both so much, everyone loved you guys.." Pinar and Stuart (28 July 2012)

“Thank you Bulent… We had an amazing day…” Kate and Erol (15 July 2012)

“Thank you so much for an amazing performance. You guys were on top form as always…” Ziver and Ayan (15 July 2012)

"Thanks so much for last Friday you was amazing made everyone excited and made it easier for me and Alex to walk in our nerves just went away when you started playing that drum! insallah when the wedding comes we will contact you ...” Sevilay & Alex (15 June 2012)

“Great Stuff from Ahenkli last night! Quality!”... Cilem & Javid (3 June 2012)

 “Thank you again for your performance. It was everything I imagined it to be….Perfect!”... Beyzan & Ossie (10 June 2012)

“Thank you so much for everything you did at the wedding…” Ceyda and Ayman (26 May 2012)

"Thank you for a beautiful performance on the most special day of our lives,  lots of comments from the guests on how great you were. Thanks again..." Seral & Gürkan Yaman (22 April 2012)

                                "Thank you so much for an unforgettable entrance to our wedding..." Salih & Nilay (4 March 2012)

"Wes and I would like to thank you both for making such a difference to our   wedding. Everyone loved it. You both was absolutely amazing. Thank you once again..." Leman Harrison (25 February 2012)

"Yilbasi aksami torende gosterdiginiz uzen icin cok tesekkurler. Herkes cok memnun kaldi..."  Tekin Hakki (31 December 2011)

"Thank you Bulent for a top performance, been a pleasure to deal with you, professional and caring, will not hesitate to recommend you guys.. Thanks for everything..."  Bahire and Taner (24 September 2011)   


“Hi Bulent, thank you for an amazing performance on Saturday, everyone keeps telling us how fantastic it was...”Mel & Jam (27 August 2011)

“ I am Michael’s father and just want to say that the music was great and gave the evening a smashing start , Zalihe and Michael had a truly enjoyable wedding...” Dave Fulvio Savage (6 August 2011)

                                                    "Thank you so much again, you made our day so perfect..." Faye Bearsby (10 July 2011)

"Thanks to both for playing at our wedding on March 27th 2011.  Everybody loved your music particularly my mum and it really worked well mixing the old with the new by having you play at the ceremony entrance.  So many people commented to us during the day as to how much they enjoyed it and probably more importantly it made our day very memorable to us. We would and have recommended you to people who have asked. Wishing you continued success for the future..." Cigdem & Iain (19 June 2011)

"Thank you very much, you were amazing..." Nuket Besim (6 June 2011)

"Thank you for yesterday, you guys were brilliant... "Masuma Aksoy (9 May 2011)

"I just wanted to say thank you, you were brilliant..." Gulen Kurt (30 April 2011)

"Thank you so much for playing at our wedding. It was amazing, everybody really enjoyed it..." Jon and Sheniz (24 April 2011)

"Thanks for a great performance last week, I think it was the highlight of the night..." Allyson Kiely - ITV - Production Team for 'Come Dine with Me' (12 April 2011)

"What a fantastic day we had with Bulent and Ali on our Turkish Day. Many many thanks for all you did to help us make it so happy and successful. The children had a wonderful time and are still talking about it even after a week's half term holiday..." Narin, Head Teacher, Dame Bradbury's School, Saffron Walden (28 February 2011)

"Thank you for your lovely performance. It would not have been the same without..." Deniz Berryman  (29January 2011)

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